July 6, 2017

A gem is still a gem whether it has some rust on it or not. Sometimes in life we go through storms that we never think we can get pass. Just by listening to the first minute of this episode, you can feel the harsh, dense severity of what life Kat Garrison was living. Much before our conversation last year and leading up to months after, Kat was battling with addiction. As well as being bipolar. She still is as we speak. Everyday. As she says, "its never going to go away, its with me forever"

Fast forward one year later and we welcome back Kat Garrison. Kat has some exciting news to share that would almost make you wonder if we are even speaking to the same person. She is absolutely killing it, in the best of ways. I am very proud to know her and call her a friend.

Lets listen to the talk Kat had with herself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.

*apologies ahead of time for the breeze hitting the sensitive mic*


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