February 6, 2018

Victor Hugo is a knowledge filled world traveling Chef, with a mission.

He joins the show today and we discuss sustainable agriculture, the importance of preserving corn, his up bringing in Mexico, and some meaningful wisdom. 

Victor has a GoFund me page, please support him and his journey:



Hello 2018

January 19, 2018

With a new intro song and a whole new perspective, the Twentys Show and its host Ojan are back.

Listen as we converse and connect with strangers and dig for their story. Stay tuned!



August 11, 2017

It could always be worse. We've heard it growing up and we should continue to take those wise words in account into our everyday lives. When we are able to go see live music. When we are able to drive a motorized vehicle to see our family and have dinner. When we are able to step out of our door, and go for a simple walk. All the bills, relationships, and politics of the world can really distract one from taking a deep breath and recognizing the fact that we have abilities not everyone else does. Its only when they are taken from us, we are devastated.

Kristian Chacon is our guest today. Im such a fan of Kristian and very exicted to see what he brings to the table in the next ten years. I respect how he thinks and also how he delivers his thoughts. Cerebral Palsy is what Kristian has to deal with everyday. Funny, because CP is a result of brain malformation but Kris' brain is on point and getting sharper everday. It is unique to each indivudual and this is individual is quite the unique one. We can learn a lot from this one people. Its a privilege and our duty to live.

Enjoy our conversation. 



July 19, 2017

When I first started this thing I never thought id be where I am today. Which is how it usually plays out. I used to sit on my balcony and stare at these two palm trees for hours thinking about life, while music or comedy played in the background. What a ride it has been.

Fast forward almost two years later and one of those two palm trees is being tattoo'd on the inside of my bicep by today's guest. Who's name is Derrek Everette. Derek is a young talented, sarcastic, yet polite person. That just so happens to permanently place beautiful pieces of art on people's body. He is a tattooist and he is incredible at what he does. His style ranges all across the spectrum. This conversation was not planned, it was an in the moment recording. Therefore I do apologize for the audio. We cover as much as we can on the tattooing world. We cover topics ranging from the social outlook on tattoos today, to the difference between rotary and coil guns.

I want to thank Derek for being such a cool dude throughout the whole experience. I recommend anyone who wants work done (even if you are not in Los Angeles) and is serious about the their piece of art, to give this guy a call. Not only is he very much artistically inclined, but Derek's ability to make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in, through questions and conversation is comforting. Besides, he even has this super comfortable fold out massage table and is well read in the Will Smith discography music subject.

You can find Derek all over, not a hard person to find.
Check him out:
IG @ Derreke
Bulleit Whiskey project:

Thank you and enjoy. 



July 14, 2017

I used to go to the Comedy store by myself to catch a show. Its great because you really never know who will pop in. Dave Chappelle. Louis CK. or any other comic that you never thought to see a couple feet away from you. Its a magical place that is embedded with so much history, you can literally see it all over the walls, all the comics names in cursive. Fast forward to July 2017 and I find myself downstairs at the Store having a good conversation with a comic who is just about have his name is planted on that very wall. Jeremiah Watkins is our guest today. A guy who will always perform at maximum capacity to either make you laugh or shock you.

We talk about the idea of "bombing" and how there are different layers to it. The affect that your set can have on the audience or even a single audience member.
We also dive into how being starstruck or even becoming a paid regular at the Comedy Store could effect you, if you let it. Jeremiah recognizes greatness is literally taking place constantly, and accepting that this is now his life offically.
Jeremiah also tells a memorable story about Jim Carrey, my favorite part of the conversation.
He's easy to hunt down all over. Always doing a set, always apart of shows around LA, and of course always delivering killer improvised material at the Kill Tony show/podcast every Monday night at 8pm @ the Comedy Store. Highly recommend checking that out, that show is a fined tuned machine that is organized, beautiful chaos.

Website - www.jeremiahwatkins.tv
Twitter & IG - @jeremiahstandup

Whether we see Jeremiah Watkins ever again for his reunion episode, I want to thank him and pat myself on the back for getting out of comfort zone and reaching out. As always listen towards the end to hear Jeremiah speak to his future self.
Enjoy. Thank you.



July 6, 2017

We welcome back a true inspiration. Someone who is just as talented as he is humble. From lawyer to entertainer. Kenneith Perrin joins us today. He has gone on tour in the last year. He has an album stirring up. Kenneith has been consistenly working on his craft and having fun in the process. I had the pleasure of going to a concert of Kenneiths and it immediately lifted my spirits. What a blast it was it was seeing Kenneith not just sing, but entertain. 

Listen as Kenneith and I hold down a private room in the Glendale Public Library and chat about several topics. He shares a bit about his childhood and what really drew him to music. Also we get into how he's going to have the opportunity to share the stage with his father (who plays bass) after many years. Positive vibes all around.

 Lets listen to the talk Kenneith had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.

Thank you and enjoy.



July 6, 2017

A gem is still a gem whether it has some rust on it or not. Sometimes in life we go through storms that we never think we can get pass. Just by listening to the first minute of this episode, you can feel the harsh, dense severity of what life Kat Garrison was living. Much before our conversation last year and leading up to months after, Kat was battling with addiction. As well as being bipolar. She still is as we speak. Everyday. As she says, "its never going to go away, its with me forever"

Fast forward one year later and we welcome back Kat Garrison. Kat has some exciting news to share that would almost make you wonder if we are even speaking to the same person. She is absolutely killing it, in the best of ways. I am very proud to know her and call her a friend.

Lets listen to the talk Kat had with herself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.

*apologies ahead of time for the breeze hitting the sensitive mic*



July 6, 2017

I've met some hard working people in my young life, and Immanuel Degn is one of them. It's no surprise that Immanuel is working on yet another film. What else is new? We spend time time together in L.A earlier this year and Immanuel was faced with quite a few obtacles. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. He had every reason to not preservere with this his new film and throw in the towel. He is one ressilient SOB.

Updates on his film, his relationship, and his thoughts on this episode.

Lets listen to the talk Immanuel had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



July 2, 2017

We welcome back a guest from last year that gave us a chilling look inside Suicide and Depression. That was Josh's reality at the time. Fast forward a year and everything has changed for this young man. A total 180. This episode will share with you how Josh's life has dramitically changed.

Lets listen to the talk Josh had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



May 19, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen the Twentys podcast has just taken a bit of a turn. My name is Ojan Assadollahi. Her name is Jessica Stewart. Todays episode is going to be role reversal. The questions will be targeted towards me. I am not usually fond of that much attention. Which is why the Twentys podcast format works perfect because the focus is on the guest, but at the same time allows me to show who I am. Not this time. Jessica and I will dive into a nice fruitful conversation. Giving our future selves and listeners a sneak peak into our lives.

Exiciting things are currently happening and the future holds bliss. Its important to me that I hold on to these moments. As I type these words down, I appreciate more and more whats happening in my life and where its headed.

A huge thank you to Jessica Stewart. For being an excellent host, person, and partner. I love you.
Enjoy our conversation.

**keep your ears open for various Twentys intro song themes in the future**