March 28, 2017

The usual approach for someone trying to make it big in LA is to immediately gravitate towards a like minded group of individuals, participating in the same type of entertainment that youre interested in. Acting, writing, producing, comedy. Build a network slowly and then hopefully one day, the dream will become a reality. Wether that means a script you wrote got picked up, or all the way to box office films. Everyone's idea of success is different out here. 

Michael Barras would just like to keep on working in the field that he loves. That way he'll never feel as if he's "working". Which is a common way of thinking, but Michael doesnt want the huge fame. He is slowly surrounding himself with a community of like minded people that he like being around and encourage him. That hasnt always been the case. He sticks to himself, his plan, and his thoughts. He saves his money very frugally without allowing outside distractions to affect his goal. Which people should commend his drive. 

Does this focus that Michael has effect his social life...should is matter if the person is happy and is headed toward their desitination? There are several way to look at it. Michael has his way and his learning, obverving and partipating everyday.

Feel free to reach out to Michael, shoot him an invite to act in your film or voice act in your project.

Facebook @ Michael Barras   Instagram @ MBARRAS1213

Enjoy our conversation. 



March 22, 2017

We welcome back two vagabonders and dear friends of mine, Daverick Aguilar and Paul Salva Cruz.

Last year they had just landed from their three month journey accross South East Asia, and we ranted on about how it felt to be back in the states, back to normal lives as civilians. Diving into everyday life insights, trials, tribulations, sexual adventures. Here we are about a year later. Where Dav and Paul have successful lead a simple, beautiful, fruitfal life for themselves, and continue to consistently do so. 

Lets hear the talk Daverick & Paul had with themselves one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



January 29, 2017

Today we welcome an anticpicipated guest. A person who cannot be defined. She hails from Austria but has formed such a unique and captivating personality from her travels and conversations with others. Its difficult to sit here and attempt to summarize who an individual like Sam Martin is and how she affects this world for the better. But we can sure try.

Sam is a special person. She puts everybody's well being in front her own. Which is not always the best decision but it does show how big her heart is. Aside from the size of her heart, Sam loves to write. and read. and make art. and manage an extremely busy restaurant. All while having experienced a difficult suffrage not too long ago and a current health issue, and im not talking about Pneumonia. 

Sam Martin deserves a good life. A happy life. Which comes in the simpliest form for her. It involves her books (yes she has written several books) getting published and financially allowing her to travel the world. I think we can all agree that sounds like happiness.

To see some of Sam's hand crafted art, visit her page at: Etsy.com/shop/cascadestooblivion , which is just one world of many art forms in which she gets creative in. If you would like to get in touch with her, you can reach out to her on social media. Facebook @ Sam Martin -- Instagram @ sammycto. She will without a doubt reach back out to you with open arms. 

Enjoy, learn, and grow from our conversation.




January 13, 2017

We welcome back my first ever guest on this podcast, Manu Awal. About 15 months ago Manu Awal and I had a conversation that kickstarted The Twentys Podcast in which I, the host, provided bad quality audio and awkward unprepared questions for Manu to answer. Safe to say, we've both stepped up our game since then.

Just like last year, we dive into how his everyday work life as a RN working in the ICU is treating him. Of course Manu's biggest progession, being his weight, is something we address and how that is just a single stepping stone to who he has and will continue to transform into. 


Lets hear the talk Manu had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



December 22, 2016

We welcome back to the podcast the brilliant musician and composer Jonathan Padilla. Its been one year since our last conversation. The conversation we have today speaks for itself and we cover an array of topics inside and even outside the world of music. It defintely has been quite a dense rollercoaster of a year for Jonathan.

You can find Jonathans work on Sound Cloud and Facebook. I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak in Jonathan's USC's portfolio which he created for his application that he sent in. Fingers crossed for him and his film scoring career path he will embark on. Stay tuned to the end of the conversation to listen to a song created by Jonathan, "A Blooming Lily".

Lets hear the talk Jonathan had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



December 7, 2016

We welcome back the delightful and hilarious Paige Hoffman

For those of you that dont know, Paige is pursuing comedy. She is currently in the world of Improv comedy and is working her tail off when necessary to reach her goals. Listen to Ep3 for her first appearance and full interview.

Lets hear the talk Paige had with herself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.



August 11, 2016
On July 18 at 7:10pm. This world took my mother away from me. My real mother who was elegant, classy, powerful, sharp and a trend setter. The one who lost her job and sacrificed three maxed out credits cards, one timeshare, pension plans, a brand new car, and a three bedroom home all in order to make sure her sons life wasn't effected by it all. That was her level of pride. 
That womans life was taken from her in 2008. Her soul was trapped.  
I have learned so much. Some would say too much.
I hope you are listening mom. This one is for you.



July 9, 2016
Every time a guest on my podcast has a certain craft that they absolutely love and constantly work on everyday. I think to myself, I should never be worried for this persons success. Because they do what they do for the joy of it. Nothing else. For today's guest, that idea of success is already in full effect. Leaving his career of being a lawyer. Yes a lawyer. You know the job that automatically earns you six figures a year. Yeah, that job. That didn't matter.
He was able to convince himself that singing and song writing were going to be the only options for his future and the definite culprit for his happiness. Kenneith Perrin is our guest today. He lives and breathes music. He is very inspired and has thouroughly thought out his plans, so that he can organically (Kenneiths word of the day)  work on his goal. The resilience that Kenneith portrays seeps out of him. He knows what he loves, he sees what he desires, and hes going after it. Plus he's able to do that while being a damn good human being and asstisting others as much as he can.
In this convo, we will touch up on the struggle, the realistic opinions of others on sidelines, and the small simple effective steps you take towards huge accomplishments. Enjoy.
You can find Kenneiths music on the world wide web and he is always finding a way to participate in concerts, events, etc.
Please reach out to him for anything at all, he will reciprocate with nothing but gratitude.
Check out his website: https://www.reverbnation.com/kenneithperrin
Twitter: @KenneithHPerrin
Facebook&Instagram: Kenneith Perrin



June 10, 2016
Forget what you know. Stop thinking for a moment. and just listen.
Todays guests are addicts. How can you be addicted? What are you addicted to? What caused the addiction? Why not just put the substance down? Whats the next step? What now? Mind you, they are so much more than addicts. They are well read, educated, and more self aware than some people double their age. Its a tragedy and also fascinating all at once.
Today we have Katherine Garrison and Michael Lopez. They will speak for themselves as we discuss addiction and bipolar disorder. It currently is their reality. Its not a cinderella story that has ended perfectly. Its happening right now. Thanks for listening.


May 12, 2016
Today we have a creator amongst us.
Take any film, big or small, and think about how its conception starts with a single pen and paper. Or I suppose a laptop/tablet nowadays. Film is one of thee highest forms of art. You are allowed to tell any story and create your own reality.
Immanuel Dign is a filmmaker from Innsbruck, Austria. He just wrapped up his 11th film and is over half way in the process of writing his 12th. He wishes to one day move to Los Angeles and be engulfed by the very industry, in which is his passion. In this episode we'll discuss how he initially was drawn to filming anything that he could, at the age of eight. We will also discuss how he went from watching Titanic 6 times in the cinema, to re-enacting one of our favorite scenes from that movie, you know which one. Nude. 
I am not worried about someone like Immanuel. He has courage and heart, which has obviously allowed him to continue to create. 100 movies in the future minunum, id say.
Immanuel's work (all films) will be available very soon online. I will definitely be updating the page and announcing when that will be.
You can find Immanuel on Facebook @ Immanuel Degn. Or send him an email here: Immanuel_degn@yahoo.com
He will never reject a message or invitation. Especially if its regarding film. For all aspiring creators out there, feel free to reach out to him. Immanuel is always looking for new friends, contacts, just like-minded individuals.
Enjoy our conversation.