May 19, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen the Twentys podcast has just taken a bit of a turn. My name is Ojan Assadollahi. Her name is Jessica Stewart. Todays episode is going to be role reversal. The questions will be targeted towards me. I am not usually fond of that much attention. Which is why the Twentys podcast format works perfect because the focus is on the guest, but at the same time allows me to show who I am. Not this time. Jessica and I will dive into a nice fruitful conversation. Giving our future selves and listeners a sneak peak into our lives.

Exiciting things are currently happening and the future holds bliss. Its important to me that I hold on to these moments. As I type these words down, I appreciate more and more whats happening in my life and where its headed.

A huge thank you to Jessica Stewart. For being an excellent host, person, and partner. I love you.
Enjoy our conversation.

**keep your ears open for various Twentys intro song themes in the future**


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