July 6, 2017

We welcome back a true inspiration. Someone who is just as talented as he is humble. From lawyer to entertainer. Kenneith Perrin joins us today. He has gone on tour in the last year. He has an album stirring up. Kenneith has been consistenly working on his craft and having fun in the process. I had the pleasure of going to a concert of Kenneiths and it immediately lifted my spirits. What a blast it was it was seeing Kenneith not just sing, but entertain. 

Listen as Kenneith and I hold down a private room in the Glendale Public Library and chat about several topics. He shares a bit about his childhood and what really drew him to music. Also we get into how he's going to have the opportunity to share the stage with his father (who plays bass) after many years. Positive vibes all around.

 Lets listen to the talk Kenneith had with himself one year ago and enjoy the conversation one year later.

Thank you and enjoy.


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