August 11, 2017

It could always be worse. We've heard it growing up and we should continue to take those wise words in account into our everyday lives. When we are able to go see live music. When we are able to drive a motorized vehicle to see our family and have dinner. When we are able to step out of our door, and go for a simple walk. All the bills, relationships, and politics of the world can really distract one from taking a deep breath and recognizing the fact that we have abilities not everyone else does. Its only when they are taken from us, we are devastated.

Kristian Chacon is our guest today. Im such a fan of Kristian and very exicted to see what he brings to the table in the next ten years. I respect how he thinks and also how he delivers his thoughts. Cerebral Palsy is what Kristian has to deal with everyday. Funny, because CP is a result of brain malformation but Kris' brain is on point and getting sharper everday. It is unique to each indivudual and this is individual is quite the unique one. We can learn a lot from this one people. Its a privilege and our duty to live.

Enjoy our conversation. 


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