July 19, 2017

When I first started this thing I never thought id be where I am today. Which is how it usually plays out. I used to sit on my balcony and stare at these two palm trees for hours thinking about life, while music or comedy played in the background. What a ride it has been.

Fast forward almost two years later and one of those two palm trees is being tattoo'd on the inside of my bicep by today's guest. Who's name is Derrek Everette. Derek is a young talented, sarcastic, yet polite person. That just so happens to permanently place beautiful pieces of art on people's body. He is a tattooist and he is incredible at what he does. His style ranges all across the spectrum. This conversation was not planned, it was an in the moment recording. Therefore I do apologize for the audio. We cover as much as we can on the tattooing world. We cover topics ranging from the social outlook on tattoos today, to the difference between rotary and coil guns.

I want to thank Derek for being such a cool dude throughout the whole experience. I recommend anyone who wants work done (even if you are not in Los Angeles) and is serious about the their piece of art, to give this guy a call. Not only is he very much artistically inclined, but Derek's ability to make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in, through questions and conversation is comforting. Besides, he even has this super comfortable fold out massage table and is well read in the Will Smith discography music subject.

You can find Derek all over, not a hard person to find.
Check him out:
IG @ Derreke
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Thank you and enjoy. 


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