July 14, 2017

I used to go to the Comedy store by myself to catch a show. Its great because you really never know who will pop in. Dave Chappelle. Louis CK. or any other comic that you never thought to see a couple feet away from you. Its a magical place that is embedded with so much history, you can literally see it all over the walls, all the comics names in cursive. Fast forward to July 2017 and I find myself downstairs at the Store having a good conversation with a comic who is just about have his name is planted on that very wall. Jeremiah Watkins is our guest today. A guy who will always perform at maximum capacity to either make you laugh or shock you.

We talk about the idea of "bombing" and how there are different layers to it. The affect that your set can have on the audience or even a single audience member.
We also dive into how being starstruck or even becoming a paid regular at the Comedy Store could effect you, if you let it. Jeremiah recognizes greatness is literally taking place constantly, and accepting that this is now his life offically.
Jeremiah also tells a memorable story about Jim Carrey, my favorite part of the conversation.
He's easy to hunt down all over. Always doing a set, always apart of shows around LA, and of course always delivering killer improvised material at the Kill Tony show/podcast every Monday night at 8pm @ the Comedy Store. Highly recommend checking that out, that show is a fined tuned machine that is organized, beautiful chaos.

Website - www.jeremiahwatkins.tv
Twitter & IG - @jeremiahstandup

Whether we see Jeremiah Watkins ever again for his reunion episode, I want to thank him and pat myself on the back for getting out of comfort zone and reaching out. As always listen towards the end to hear Jeremiah speak to his future self.
Enjoy. Thank you.


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