March 28, 2017

The usual approach for someone trying to make it big in LA is to immediately gravitate towards a like minded group of individuals, participating in the same type of entertainment that youre interested in. Acting, writing, producing, comedy. Build a network slowly and then hopefully one day, the dream will become a reality. Wether that means a script you wrote got picked up, or all the way to box office films. Everyone's idea of success is different out here. 

Michael Barras would just like to keep on working in the field that he loves. That way he'll never feel as if he's "working". Which is a common way of thinking, but Michael doesnt want the huge fame. He is slowly surrounding himself with a community of like minded people that he like being around and encourage him. That hasnt always been the case. He sticks to himself, his plan, and his thoughts. He saves his money very frugally without allowing outside distractions to affect his goal. Which people should commend his drive. 

Does this focus that Michael has effect his social life...should is matter if the person is happy and is headed toward their desitination? There are several way to look at it. Michael has his way and his learning, obverving and partipating everyday.

Feel free to reach out to Michael, shoot him an invite to act in your film or voice act in your project.

Facebook @ Michael Barras   Instagram @ MBARRAS1213

Enjoy our conversation. 


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